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Rental Property

May people today are able to invest in rental properties which when done properly can help shelter some of your taxable income. It is critical that you work with an experienced tax professional that fully understands the ins and outs and proper handling of taxable events. Don’t make mistakes which cause you to lose money when dealing with rental properly taxable events. Incorrectly reporting of rental property taxes can sometimes cause problems down the road.

Rental Property Tax Concerns:

  • Does a rental property offer me a good tax shelter?
  • Is depreciating my rental property a good idea for me?
  • Should I set up a LLC for my rental property? And what are the tax implications?
  • How are rental property repairs different from improvements and how to does it affect my taxes?
  • How do I handle foreign rental property?

The above are just a few of some common questions that relate to rental properties and taxes. Each case is different and each state and country has different rules on how things are governed.

Whether you have one rental property or many rental properties we are able to help you properly and accurately prepare your rental property tax returns as well as provide you meaningful advice on how to handle future dealings with your property or properties. Done improperly rental property tax preparation and planning can cost you a lot. Be smart and have a professional on your side that will guide you ever step of the way.

If you have a rental property or are considering purchasing rental property please contact us and we can help answer your questions and provide the right advice to limit tax liabilities.

Fee Structure

  • 1040 EZ $49
  • 1040A $99
  • Most 1040’s $150 to $200
  • Most Small Business or Rental Property $200 to $250
  • Most Estate and Trust Returns $150 to $200.
  • Most S Corporations and Partnerships $500