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Corporate Tax Returns

Our fee for your partnership (Form 1065) and corporate tax returns (Forms 1120 and 1120S) starts at $500.  The final price depends on how organized your records and financial statements are.  Don’t worry if your records aren’t in very good shape, we have lots of experience nadling that, but we will have to give you a quote based on the amount of time it will take to organize everything so we can file your taxes properly.

If you have things like partnership accounts, capital accounts, odd-looking balance sheet entries, several moving parts, basic disorganization, advanced disorganization, disguised disorganization, misrepresented organization, etc. this is most likely going to increase your fee. Having said that, we are in the business of developing lasting relationships and not maximizing this year’s fee.

Many tax firms will prepare a partnership or corporate tax return without a balance sheet- for certain situations a balance sheet is not required by the IRS. However, we feel that it is sound tax preparation practice to create this financial document in conjunction with your tax return regardless.  In addition Partnership and S Corporation taxes also must track shareholder basis for future sales or loss deductions. Most tax corporate tax preparers don’t spend the time to record this information, and when you go to sell your business, capital gains becomes a big mystery.  This is always included in your service at JBD Tax.

Fee Structure

  • 1040 EZ $49
  • 1040A $99
  • Most 1040’s $150 to $200
  • Most Small Business or Rental Property $200 to $250
  • Most Estate and Trust Returns $150 to $200.
  • Most S Corporations and Partnerships $500